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A Miniature Universe...
Sick with flu. :(
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I've decided I'm going to close this journal and not use it anymore.
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Mr. Drever: True or False. The Communist Government regulates laws about-
Mr. Drever: Er, no Logan. Haha. The Communist Government regulates laws about supply and demand-
Class: AGH! IDIOT!
Maren: FALSE! I mean false!
Maren's team: You idiot!!!
Mr. Drever: *facepalm* They are so going to fail...

Sadly enough, completely true story.


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My mom had her baby! It's a boy. :) He's very adorable. She's still in the hospital but I think she gets to come home soon. I was on the band trip when it happened and didnt get there till quite awhile after.

Also, the band trip was quite awesome. :) I lurved it, even though Olivia kind of pissed me off at some moments, especially with her lesbian comments. But oh well, it was still really cool. I got a gigantic amount of pamphlets and such, lol. So, any I don't want will probably get mailed to people sometime.

I'll say more about the band trip later, as I'm exhausted and have a PAT in a little while (yikes! I hope I do alright...) For those of you who don't have them, PATs are government exams that are like 25% of your mark. *sigh* Anywho, I played in this really gorgeous theatre with like angels and faces carved into the walls. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, alas, but, oh well. I'll describe it more later.

Did I mention I have a brother? XD

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Found my camera. :D And Megan is teh awesome. I must clean my room today though, and very well.

Today after school it started thundering and hailing all over me. I was soaked by the time I got to the bus and I was cold, and wet and slightly exasperated when I got home. As such, I decided to have a bath. I found it incredibly ironic that my solution to being wet was to have a bath. XD
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I personally hate therapists, mental nurses and psychologists.

It's always so fun to hear about problems you don't have.

Like, how hard it must have been growing up with an abusive father. Or how sad it was that I was raped by my uncle. That I have a boyfriend who beats me and yells at me. How I hate my mom and we have violent fights. How I have no friends because they think I'm a nerd. How I'm failing school. How my friends are mean to me. That no one will date me. That I'm horridly insecure. That I take a long time to answer questions because I'm worried about giving the wrong answer. And all about how horrible divorce can be.

Did I say any of this? No. Why then, are people trying to give me therapy about it? I tell them I don't know what caused and they look at me like I'm a freak or I'm lying. Then when I express this, they tell me sometimes it just happens for no reason, people just have low levels of serotonin. Which makes me confused, because why were they looking at me like that then in the first place??

But I spose I have to put up with that in order to get better.
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Taylor Swift is the cheese to my macaroni.
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I saw my new therapist for the first time today. She said I don't have to be hospitalized if I think I can handle not killing myself. XD Obviously I said I could handle it and here we are. I might change my mind. I dunno, I just think maybe it would be good for me? I, however, do not want to spend Christmas in a psychiatric hospital.

I was talking to Laura in the morning before I left and I was like, "Bye!" *hug* Laura looked at me terrified and she's like, "What do you mean 'bye'?" I think she thought I was going to be hospitalized, and I was kind of nervous so it probably didn't help. I just said I wasn't going to be there during math. And she still seemed a little bit upset, all be it less so. Katt said Michelle was praying for me the whole morning. XD Oh, and another cool thing, after I go to the doctor I should get medication. Yay! Except it takes like six weeks to actually start working... which sucks. One more day of school left, and on that day I have two unit tests that I am not studying for and have no intention of passing. I'm already starting to fail all my subjects anyways, not like it matters.

Oh, and my mother had a fit of crying and semi-yelling and stuff full of, "January!" and, "YOU TOLD HER YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF?!?!?!". Yup. Fun fun fun fun fun. We're just full of fun here. I'll have to really think about the hospitalization thing now. My familly (especially at Christmas) has been one of the hardest things for me in my life, tons of stress there. So, I'll have to think about it.
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Also, note, I am extremely fangirly. Seriously. It's sad just how deeply it goes. I was doing an interview with the Whomping Willows (I WORSHIP HIM!!!) and I was like squeeing and giggling and bouncing up and down. He said my name and I almost died. XD Oh, I am sooo sad.

Oh yes, and the first issue of the webzine is up. http://potter-recs.net/ccf/

Also, hahahahaha George Bush. XD He's fuuuunnnnyy. I read today in Time that there was a mistake and they found out they weren't actually trying to build nuclear bombs in Iran. Saaaaadddd.

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Just got a small package of awesome stickers. Seriosuly, there's pressed flowers and they're like stickers and they're awesome. And the other day I got a journal this girl sent to me as part of a swap. It was pretty great. Caaassiiie's present should be getting to her very sooooon, and I spent the day in Calgary, bought a present for Laura and my mom, don't know what I'm going to get Jovilyn, and I kind of want to talk to BRady, because I haven't talked to him in a long time. Hm. Feeling much better, I assure you all, and I have this weird rhyming thing going on in my head. That's what you get for reading poetry. XD I always seem to get all my mail at once, so maybe some more mail will come on Monday! One can hope... ;)

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